Thursday, 26 March 2015


Two to go!  Just two.

I'm a bit bleary eyed this morning as last night was a late one (for me) after the governors' meeting.  It was enjoyable - they've lightened up since the last time I did a stint, I think.

School was OK too.  I have caught up with the English and am, possibly, a bit ahead which is always nice.  They did two English lessons yesterday as I had an unexpected bit of time.  Well, not me, but my PPA cover.  My usual cover teacher is now on maternity leave and the lady who now does PPA is well known in the school and is lovely.  She was perfectly happy to do an English lesson with the children.

Today is a more conventional day than yesterday although I do have coordinator time after play and the afternoon will be taken up with a family assembly practice.  There will be space for both English and maths, which is great!

I need another coffee so I will keep this short and sweet today.  You'll get more than enough once the holiday starts!!

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