Monday, 23 March 2015


Five more days before the Easter break, that's all.  Three cheers; or maybe I mean five cheers!

Yesterday was pretty quiet.  I baked, I stitched, I managed to access the school network from the carpark and get the planning onto my laptop, I used the 20 'stickers' I have collected to buy a cleaver, something I didn't have and kind of wanted although not prepared to pay what they cost!  For those who don't know Morrisons, you get a little sticker for every £10 you spend and when you have 20, you can buy from a selection of knoves for a ridiculously small amount of money.  My birthday party spent resulted in enough stickers to use (plus what I already had, I hasten to add) so now I have a cleaver.  I will now be able to cut through chicken bones before making stock so that the goodness comes out!  Excellent!

I made some cranberry and spice muffins and some chocolate and banana muffins as well as my weekly bread and the house smelt gorgeous.  If there was any residual beer pong after the smash, it has gone now, thank goodness.

AND - do you remember that a short time ago I had heard that Morrisons was selling pork mince at £1 a pack (525g) and they weren't?  Well, yesterday they were so I got some.  Another good purchase for the Breadline challenge (and beyond).  Very pleased!

Has anybody been watching the painting competition on BBC1 on Sundays?  'The Big Painting Challenge'.  it hasn't 'spoken' as directly to me as Sewing Bee and Bake Off, but it's been most enjoyable, even if I haven't learnt much because I don't know enough or have enough art ability  to learn.  I really do enjoy these elimination competitions with nice, ordinary, non-celebrity, just-happen-to-be-good-at-it people enjoying their skills.

And now it is Monday.  Back to school for a glove puppet making day.  Should be great fun!


  1. I know this week will be challenging so I've cooked in advance.

  2. Joy I have given my opinion on the garden pie this morning I think it is fine but could be improved. I have been watching Bear Grylls survival program which is also an elimination competition and a very hard challenge.

  3. End of terms always are hard work, especially this one where there's no natural slow down. Good luck with it, Froogs.
    I've read your review, Diane. Thanks. I think we could do better and probably have done! I haven't seen the Bear Grylls programme but it sounds good.
    J x

  4. Yes, we have been watching The Painting Challenge - really good. Aren't people clever and gifted? I wouldn't know where to start with something like that.
    We have been watching Bear Grylls, too - my goodness, challenging indeed.
    Hope you have had a lovely day, Joy.

  5. Nor would I, Sonja. Some of their results were beautiful.
    J x