Thursday, 19 March 2015


It's another 'different' day today.  The day of the Infant Music Festival has arrived and this morning half of Y2 is off to Christchurch to take part in a performance of the Litter Muncher, complete with percussion orchestra, junk percussion, song and dance!  All great fun and the children will take a lot away with them once it is all over.

I remember, in earlier days, I used to take the junior choir to the Junior Music Festival each year, having spent the previous four months or so learning what seemed to be impossibly difficult songs and training up my recorder players so that they didn't produce too many squeaks and shrieks on The Day.  In those days I had to organise transport myself, relying on lifts from parents, and it was a right nightmare at times.  Today, thank goodness, we are getting there by coach.

It's a shame we can't take the whole year but . . .
It was names out of a hat to be absolutely fair but there were some upset children all the same.  They're OK now and it helps that next week it is our family assembly and we are repeating the performance with the 'left behind' children playing the leading roles.

Yesterday was normal-ish with rehearsals, computing (which was great) and RE in the afternoon (PPA for us  Y2 teachers).  We're all getting tired quickly now and longing for the end of term.  Only seven days to do although, unlike the other two term ends, this one doesn't ease down gently.  At Christmas there's all the usual festivities to mark and punctuate the end of term and at the end of the year there are obvious slow downs but this one hits the wall at a run!

Talking of running, I'd better get going as there's quite a lot to do before we are ready to leave.

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