Thursday, 5 March 2015


Well, I spoke too soon yesterday.

I got to school, started doing the necessary and,ooops, back came the aches, the headache and the generally wobbly feeling.  So I got sent home with orders to stay off today as well - they booked a supply for today there and then to make sure I behaved myself.

It's all a bit worrying because I'm getting more and more behind with the planning.  The curriculum content is fierce anyway but with this half term's work having to be squashed into five weeks as well, it's all pretty hairy.  I'm feeling a bit tearful about it all which, I suppose, is a sign that I'm not well!

Anyway, let's get back to normal.  It's cold and frosty outside again this morning with a 'red' sky that is supposed to indicate bad weather in the offing.  However, BBC doesn't agree so I guess we just have to wait and see.  The skies are beautifully clear at the moment anyway.

I wonder what's on daytime TV today!


  1. Poor love, so sorry to hear you had to go back home, but I am glad that school ensured that you couldn't go in today and that you have to rest. Is your friend still with you?
    Take great care and please get the rest you need and give yourself the time to get better.
    Take great care!

  2. Thanks, Sonja. It's all a bip upsy downsy at the moment. One minute I'me more or less fine, the next I have to sit down and snuggle under my lovely owl fleece. Generally on the up though, thank goodness.
    J x

  3. Poor you! I'm glad they're making you look after yourself, you're obviously too conscientious for your own good! Snuggle up in bed and don't even think about work, if you can xxx

  4. So glad your Employer is making you take it easy and let your body recover fully. Never mind all the planning gumph etc., it looks bad to you now because you are low. I bet when you are feeling better and at full strength again it won't look half as bad and you'll easily catch up.
    Take care and have a good rest, maybe a bit of light knitting to take your mind into another direction??
    A xx

  5. I kept bursting into tears, (in my case at OU work mounting up) so defo a symptom. Would advise not going in till Monday, seriously. I've had a good morning but feel horrid now, probably because I'm trying to have a day without a nap (first for over a week!)

  6. So sorry you are not well. Listen to your friends, and rest!! I always feel teary when I am ill. Nothing will seem so difficult when you are well again:)