Tuesday 3 July 2012


Fourteen days!

Not a long entry today as there's not much to say really.  It's dull and wet outside, everything is soaked and it is starting to look a bit dodgy for sports day on Thursday.  The field has to be dry, after all.  The tomatoes grew magnificently last week, when we had warmth, sun and showers, but they seem to be sulking at the mnoment.  Can't say I blame them really but maybe this is nature's way of balancing things out.  For several years we have had dryer than usual summers: this one could be the wettest ever.  I gather June already has been.

After that profound thought I must go and start getting ready to earn the daily crust!

Edit:  I've remembered something else.  On Sunday DD noticed a mouse in the carden.  It was busy picking up bits and bobs and taking them back to the hedge between my house and next door.  It did this several times which seemed to suggest there's a nest in the hedge,  Yuck.  So I emailed next door (they were out at the time) to let them know, because the hedge is their respoonsibility.  As a result, we're all having a rethink, the 'mouse man' is coming this afternoon, the hedge will go and we will put up fencing.  I'm glad.  The hedge is the dreaded leylandii and grows very fast, it takes a good metre or so off the width of my garded, shades one of my beds way too much (and the rest of the garden too, come the evening) and has been a right pain for quite a time..  I will, of course, help to pay as I will very much benefit from the change.

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