Saturday, 7 July 2012

I NEEDED strawberries . . .

. . .  I said in my earlier entry.  And I HAVE strawberries.  A big bowlful of them, perfect, sweet smelling, luscious berries destined for the jam pots.  And maybe a few for me too, seeing as a pot of pouring cream jumped off the shelf and into my trolley at Lathcoats Farm.  Yes, it did: I saw it!  I didn't want it really . . .

They've 'done up' the farm shop and it's a lot easier to negotiate now.  I'm afraid I did rather fall for some things in there - very fresh eggs, for a start plus other things destined to make life more pleasant although, strictly speaking, not needed.

So - I need to check my top shelf where I suspect I won't find enough jam sugar, which means a quick trip to Morrison's before I start hulling and layering the berries with sugar before leaving them overnight.  That's always the way I do strawberry jam.  Delia knows best!

What a pleasant morning.
Aren't they gorgeous?

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