Saturday, 28 July 2012

Saturday morning

Still dull.  No rain apart from those few drops I mentioned yesterday.  Maybe we will get some today.  It still feels quite humid although, as I wasn't particularly active yesterday, it didn't feel as hot and uncomfortable as the previous few days.

I really got stuck into the washing and ironing.  There's still a bit more but not a lot and it will feel wonderful when everything is done and dusted.  I also started the cottage cheese which takes a darn sight longer to make than the recipe I posed a short while ago.  The first bit was easy enough - heating up the milk to 25C (which took no time at all), adding the rennet and the yogurt and leaving overnight for 'flavours to develop'.  Today, however, it is a gentle heat to 45C (I think, I must check), then rather a long time of stirring gently.  There's no way I will be stirring for half an hour so I will use that time to get the kitchen properly sorted while stirring now and again.  That will have to do.  Then it's straining, etc and it's done.  And yes, I remembered how to use the digital thermometer!

Apart from that, it's just a bit of shopping and that's the day done!  Have a good one, everybody.

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