Tuesday 31 July 2012

Late Tuesday

Well past my bedtime.  Half way through the night for me, in fact.  I've usually been in bed for a good two hours or so by now.  However, my friends have gone home after a very pleasant evening and my brain is a-buzzin'.  It was a big success food wise, with both recipes winging their way across the ether via Facebook so that they can make them again.  However, be warned - the Delia recipe for chicken basque that says it is for four - well, we three had a good portion each, my guests had seconds, and they have taken two portions home for tomorrow.  And there's still some rice left over for me for my evening meal (I'm out for lunch).  Those portions are VERY generous!
It was very, very easy to make and tasted absolutely wonderful - packed full of flavour and great texture.  One I will definitely be making again.  I meant to take a photo but forgot.  Sorry.

And now I am starting to yawn so may as well try my luck with sleep time.  Sleep well, gentle readers.

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