Monday 2 July 2012


Another new week.  Fifteen days to go.  Not long at all, is it?

I did do that ironing yesterday and feel a lot better for a nearly empty basket  It felt like it took for ever because things were so very dry, but once I got going and with old versions of Home under the Hammer to watch, it all moved along at a good rate of knots.

The lamb was delicious.  It wasn't a particularly expensive piece of meat (as lamb goes) and it was on special, but slow roasting really does bring out the flavour and DG and I ate a lot.  There's more left over too.  Excellent.
With it we had broad beans, mange tout and new potatoes from DD's allotment or garden and the roasties were from the freezer with potatoes that were origionally grown in the allotment, so we did rather well.  I roasted them slowly, in the same oven as the lamb and they crisped up a real treat.

We then went shopping for new shoes for DG, an ordeal which passed surprisingly easily and then DD and DG went home for a while before coming back here for tea.

Just an ordinary day.  Nothing exciting, nothing dramatic, but very pleasant most of the time.  Not boring, just . . . normal!

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