Saturday, 21 July 2012

Saturday morning

. . . and it's not raining.  That's a positive start.  Of course, today is not the first day of the holiday - Monday is.  But with no planning, no assessments, no marking, no resources to make, no evaluations of progress, etc, it's going to be a lazy, carefree weekend indeed.

Yesterday was fun.  Officially it was my SEN day and yes, I did a bit of SEN stuff, but mostly it was meandering about, sorting stuff out, trying to tidy things up and generally slowing down to point Zero!  And then there were the pressies.  I know there's a big debate at times about whether teachers should be given presents from their children and parents and I can see both points of view.  For myself, I expect nothing but am jolly grateful and appreciative when people do feel that they would like to say thank you.  Every teacher I know goes way, way above what is expected of them in terms of time and effort and absolute commitment to the well being and learning of those children in their class, so I don't feel that a thank you, however expressed, is a waste.
So, speaking for myself, I will enjoy the wine, appreciate the flowers, read the cards and the appreciative messages with great pleasure, enjoy the thoughtful little gifts and whatever I buy from Lakeland and Debenhams with the vouchers will serve to remind me of just about the nicest little class I have ever had.  But I will never assume and never take it for granted.

And what will I buy?  I have no idea about the Debenhams voucher so will spend a pleasant time wandering around the shop when I am next in town.  As for Lakeland, well, there's several things within my sight.  I would like a proper maslin pot for my jamming and preserving activities but I will probably be able to get it cheaper elsewhere.  I do have my eyes on a new mini-chopper (as mine has broken), I'd like a proper microplane zester thingy and they've just started selling cheese making stuff including a book, a soft cheese mould and some vegetarian (yes, DD, vegetarian) rennet.  My blogging friend, Diane, is a very bad influence on me - I'd possibly not have noticed if she hadn't written about these things in her own blog - so it's her fault really.  :0) 

Beautiful, aren't they?

Poor old DG.  His last day at Columbus School and he has to go and break a toe and have to spend half the day in A&E!  I remember his uncle doing the same thing at more or less the same age but at a less inconvenient time.  Unfortunately, DG was due to go off to Wales for an adventure holiday (provided by a charity for people with disabilities, I believe) but there's no way he can go now.  Very disappointing indeed.

Well, the sun has just come out and I'm feeling remarkably cheerful.  I have a house that needs sorting out, from top to bottom and I will need to plan for that (or it won't get done) but right now I intend to potter.  Maybe make some orange curd, if I have enough eggs, maybe sort out the kitchen a bit, maybe do some ironing, maybe shift some rubbish from my bedroom to the bin.  Or maybe not . . .

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