Tuesday 24 July 2012

Just a little bit later!

One of the facebook private groups I belong to, called the Happy Chatters (because we are) has been chatting about perfume. 

Yesterday I was going to buy a camera second hand from someone I know.  I withdrew the money in the morning and after lunch, as previously arranged, I drove right across town to take a look, stopping off on the way to buy the necessary AA batteries, in case the seller didn't have any.  When I got there I knocked, waited, knocked, waited . . . and finally put a note through the door saying never mind, let's leave it and came home again, feeling disgruntled (probably mostly because I was feeling rough as I don't normally get so cross), only to find an email message saying that he was taking his children to the park.  Still no problems - no see, no sale, he obviously wasn't too concerned about selling.  But then another message came through almost pleading with me to continue with the sale because he was 'depending on me' (my money, I guess that meant) and would take off £5 for the petrol.  OK, said I, I'll be over tomorrow morning if that was OK, and no need to take any petrol money off.  A couple of hours after that I got a message to say that his father-in-law had bought the camera.
After all that, I was pretty irked, but sent a reply saying thanks for letting me know and  I was glad he'd managed to sell it.  I thought it very rude though, to sell elsewhere while in negotiation with me.  Caveat canem, I guess.

Anyway, that long speil is to explain that I had money not spent (oh dear), so when the conversation came up about perfume, I realised that I was right out of nice smelly stuff apart from a little bit of Aromatics Elixir, which is really much too heavy for summer daytime wear.  So I went on line to Cheap Smells (which is nicer than the somewhat unfortunate name indicates) and treated myself to some L'air du temps and some Yardley's lavender, both of which are big favourites of mine.

Nothing like a bit of indulgence to get over the irks, is there?

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