Sunday 1 July 2012

Sunday (not Saturday as it originally stated - I must be going nuts!)

After waking ridiculously early yesterday morning (two am IS ridiculous, even for me), I managed to get some good stuff done in the kitchen, which had got a bit out of hand over the last week.  It's still not totally right, but at least I do have a shiny sink again  I hate it when the sink isn't shiny.  Having a good clear out enabled me to see what I needed to put on my shopping list too - always helpful.  I also sorted out a dreadfully, shamefully large pile of clean stuff that needed ironing and managed to reduce it down to something that looked manageable.  It's amazing the difference a bit of proper folding can make, isn't it?  No, I didn't iron it as well - but I did look at it every time I walked past it!  I think I need to get going on it today!

I'd managed to run the petrol in the car down very low, to the point where I was getting worried about whether I had enough to get to the nearest filling station.  A very long time ago now my car just stopped as I negotiated a corner.  Friends helped me to push it to a safe place and I called the AA out.  To my utter embarrassment, I'd only run out of petrol - rarely have I felt so silly.  So now I'm a bit neurotic and usually don't leave it until it gets so low.  So DD, on her way home, drove behind me, just in case it ran dry, but it didn't!  I don't have to fill up very often and was amazed at how much petrol prices have dropped since the last time I filled up.

Having filled up, I happily pootled off to do my shopping.  B&Q first, but they had no runner bean plants - it's rather late and I'd not have thought of buying any except for those arches I bought.  Never mind, something to remember for next year when I can grow them from seed.  The passion flower plants have arrived for the other arch so they need to go in.  I will have to make some space for them and am hoping I can do a bit of jiggling.  If I can, I will put one close by the French lavender and leave both growing until the new lavender growth is enough to take cuttings.  After I've taken the cuttings, I will then cut the lavender right back to the ground.  Hopefully that will deal with that and the roots will rot down over time.  The other side is the bush that thinks it's a tree and I have now taken four cuttings which are on the window ledge in the kitchen so I can talk nicely to them every now and again!  I'm afraid its time has come and, whether the cuttings take or not, it has to go.  I'm cutting the branches on the arch side right back and then planting the other passion flower there.  At the end of the season the sambucus will be cut totally back to the ground.  Hopefully that will work.  Fingers crossed, anyway!
If the cuttings do take I will treat myself to a very large pot and zillions of litres of soil for them (or one of them anyway) because it's really too large a plant for my small beds but I do like it and would like to have one in the garden somewhere.

At B&Q I also got some cat deterrent and some more granular salt for the water softener after which I zoomed over to Sainsburys to do the weekly shop.  Then home to put things away at which point the early start caught up with me.  I sat down in my comfy recliner and was out like a light.  I vaguely remember DD and DG coming back at about half past four but finally came to just after six.  Fortunately, dinner was just about prepared so that was no problem.  I slept like a log all night too so I muat have really needed that sleep!

As for today - well, I've been out to feed the tomato plants.  Their population has been increased by four after A brought round some mini plants that they had left over.  They are very small (the plants, not A and DS) but I'm sure I will get some fruit from them and they were a gift which is lovely!  The first generation of tomato plants continue to grow amazingly well, especially since the weather warmed up. 

I decided that it was about time we had a roast Sunday dinner, so I got some lamb for DG and me which I think I will slow roast on a rack over white wine after rubbing the outside with garlic butter and laying over some sprigs of rosemary (I LOVE slow roasted lamb).  DD has a nice little vegetarian pie made with feta, spinach and pine nuts.  With it we have broad beans from DD's garden, mange tout (ditto) and some potatoes (new and roasted).  Dessert will be fruit salad or maybe a mixed fruit yogurt.  That should all make a very acceptable Sunday lunch.

And now I really MUST face that ironing.  The sun is shining, the sky is clear, it promises to be a fine, warm day and later on I won't want to be slaving over a hot iron!

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