Sunday 15 July 2012


Five (still)

After another damp night, the sun is shining and the garden is shining brightly.  It looks delightful and is a very cheering sight indeed after days of gloom and doom.  I'm not sure how long it will last but I'm enjoying it while it does. 

While shopping yesterday, I indulged in a mini 'boxed set' of the first Merlin series.  When this series was first broadcast I enjoyed it very much, but by the latest series I felt it had really lost its way - or maybe I mean it couldn't find a new development that worked.   But the first couple of series were great fun and I had a very pleasant evening watching.  I guess I will be watching more today.

But first there are some chores.  I have a kitchen to tidy, lemon curd to make and I'm still not feeling all that well, so I guess I'd better get started . . .

Thank goodness for no planning.
Taken last Thursday

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