Tuesday 4 October 2011


After a really good night's sleep, I woke early and came down to get stuck into some work, hence the non arrival of my blog this morning.  Today was the only day this week that I had my dear little class all day and, boy, did I enjoy it.  We had a super day one way and another.

Yesterday I forget to water my tomatoes before school so came home to find them sadly drooping and parched.  It's amazing how resilient plants can be though - I gave them an extra good soaking and they are as right as rain now.  I wonder how much longer they can keep going.  It's cooled off considerably and I guess this very hot mini-summer is just about over.  I didn't pick today so tomorrow there ought to be a basket load!

I will be glad when this week and next are over.  There's an awful lot going on and it's incredibly time consuming.  However, I received news today that reduced me to tears of both joy and relief.  I can't say more but it is such a huge, immense relief, not just to me but to a number of other people.  Something that has taken up a huge amount of my thoughts and time and looked as if it was going to end badly!  But it hasn't.  Big smiles all round!

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