Tuesday, 18 October 2011


One down, four to go. 

Yesterday was good.  They shone in violins (we've been practising bowing all week!), remembered their own special places on the carpet (only given yesterday morning) and generally worked as hard as a five year old can be expected to work at this stage of the half term.   Today is playground duty day (morning and afternoon) although it's not definite whether there will be any as it's raining and blustery at the moment.  Playtime does happen in slight rain so I had better go prepared, just in case.
Ages ago I saw and bought an umbrella in Matalan - an umbrella shaped and coloured like a ladybird.  It is extremely popular with all the littlies who come running up for a closer look.  As far as I am concerned it keeps me as dry as umbrellas usually do and that's what matters although being easily spotted by any child needing adult help is a Good Thing as well.

Since I got tilt and turn windows for the back bedrooms, I do like to have mine a little bit open in all but the very coldest weather.  The last few weeks I have been increasingly chilly under my summer quilt so I guess the time has come to dig out the higher tog quilt - or rather, to buy one.  I don't spend an awful lot on quilts so, as I like them fluffy and light, I tend to chuck them after a while when they become to settled, lumpy and 'heavy'.  In the really hot weather we had late spring (remember that - a lifetime ago) I chucked the old one when I started using the lighter summer quilt.  I guess a trip to Matalan is in order over half term, especially as the weather is forecast to become much colder.  

And finally, a gastronomic disaster in the kitchen.  I've run out of marmite.  We can't have that - how will I manage without marmite?!!  Better make a shopping list, quick!

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