Tuesday 11 October 2011


One down, one to go.  I was solidly blocked from 6:00 to 8:40 and, for once, managed to keep to time until right at the very end.  Amazing!  When I get to school I will be greeted by a bay that was left just as it was because, at 8:50, I just couldn't face sorting the books and moving the tables and chairs round.  I got home and more or less went straight up to bed - which was a mistake because the brain was still very active after all that listening and talking so sleep was elusive and fitful.  Never mind, the next one isn't until tomorrow, is the earlier session (3:30 to 6:00) and is not nearly so solidly booked.  There will be breathing spaces!

Apart from that, it's fruit salad day today, which should be good fun.  They've done the gathering of data,  making the graph (good old IT) planning what they want and how to make it.  Now it's the real deal.  No manky tinned fruit salads for us!  They were horrified to realise that the one we opened and 'explored' had just three half cherries in it - one and a half cherries, that's all.  And they were small!  Ours will be a lot more colourful and tasty!  No cherries, but plenty of strawberries!  And some lovely mums coming in to help too.

After school I have one meeting and then it will be home early and some serious R&R.  Oh, and, if I remember to get the ingredients, some making of apple and tomato chutney.  That should sort out the sleep problems in preparation for tomorrow.  And then things should easy off, calm down, become less pressured again as half term nears.  Phew.

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