Saturday 29 October 2011

Saturday morning

An interesting bench at Hyde Hall, but I wouldn't think it's all that comfortable, would you?

I got to bed uncharacteristically late last night, or rather early this morning, so am up correspondingly late now.  I know some might say seven is not late but it is for me!  The reasons - I was watching Murder on the Orient Express (the Finney version) and knitting a scarf and just didn't feel tired!  Actually, I didn't feel tired when I finally went up to bed, but fell asleep pretty quickly.

One of the things I bought from Ikea was a memory foam pillow.  Not one of the lumpy ones, one of the shaped ones.  The memory foam topper has eased all the aches I used to feel after a night's sleep, all except for neck and shoulders, so I though it was worth the money to give it a try.  It felt odd - different - but I ended up finding it very comfortable and woke this morning without the usual aches, so I'm feeling hopeful that it will be the answer.

Diane (Good Morning Early Readers) would be proud of me.  After making a scarf for DD with the can can yarn she told me about, I used the remainder to make a shorter scarf suitable for a little girl, being flouncy, pink, purple and lilac, and with a hint of glitter about it.  I gave it to the little girl two doors away, who was thrilled to bits.  Her mum also liked it and messaged me to ask if I could make one for her in teal.  As it happened, very coincidentally, one of the balls I bought from Hobbycraft was just the colour she wanted, so I got going last night and finished it just as the Poirot finished.  That's an indication of how fast it knits up, for sure.

Today is going to be a busy day.  DD is going to a cat show so I have DG all day.  George is coming to make the garden look nice, DG and I are out for lunch, I have to wait in for a flower arrangement delivery and I have to go into school at some point, although I'm beginning to think that the latter isn't going to get done.  It's not a disaster if it doesn't, it just means I have to bustle around a bit longer next week.

And I MUST do some ironing!  Must, must, must!  Boring!

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