Friday 28 October 2011

Friday evening

Leaves at Hyde Hall - yes, it was raining!
Well, we finally made it, DD and I.  We got to Ikea, did our shopping, got a lot of what we were looking for, came back home and had a late lunch together to make up for not doing it on Wednesday.  A very pleasant day indeed.  And now I am tired .

We were about half an hour ahead of the crowds in Ikea.  As a result, it was pretty pleasant with room and time to wander around without too much bumping and jostling.  DD found the furniture she wants, I found some white serving dishes but the paper napkins I wanted weren't there.  I wanted red and green - Christmas green, not Ikea green.  They did have red napkins, but only small ones, so I will need to look elsewhere.  We found boxes for the Christmas gifts and I got a box that will be ideal as a story box.  We found plastic bins that will be great for storing recycling stuff.   We got Christmas wrapping paper and . . . oh, lots of things.  And we didn't have to queue for ages at the checkout.

That's the last time I'm even going to think about going to Ikea until after the New Year sale has well and truly finished though.  It's a nightmare in there sometimes!

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