Wednesday 12 October 2011


Good morning, everyone!

As I type this, there's an aroma wafting around the house that started off rather acrid but is becoming increasingly mellow as time goes by.  Yes, it's that apple and tomato chutney I was talking about.  Only I would make a pan of chutney before going to school!!!  I did think about it yesterday evening, for a nanosecond, while watching a programme about earthquakes on Eden, really I did!!!  Seeing as the tomatoes had already been prepared, and seeing as I feel quite bright and breezy this morning . . . well, I'm sure you get the rest!

Yesterday, to my delight, Morrisons had plums in so they jumped into the trolley, followed by a quick jog round to the red wine shelves where they had the mulled wine.  So that's the next job.  It really is such a very delicious jam and just right for Christmas presents:  I have some already but I want to keep some for myself as well.  And the job after that is dealing with the green tomatoes.  I have a feeling the first frost can't be all that far off and that will be the end of the tomatoes (which are still ripening very nicely, thank you!).  Must dig out some green tomato chutney recipes.

DD and I have taken to clubbing together for our Christmas presents whenever possible.  This year I seem to have done most of the making so DD said she would get the boxes, baskets, etc, in which to display the jars.  Sounds good to me!  We're hoping to get to IKEA over half term and I will look for gold/red/green tissue paper that I can shred to use as packing.  Oooh, I'm feeling all merry and festive just thinking about it!  Nice!

The fruit salad activity was very popular.  Some of the littlies were quite put out that they couldn't just dive in and help themselves, but had to restrict themselves to what they had planned last week.  Oh, the delights of food technology!  And one little lady told me she really didn't like any of them except the strawberries.  Ho hum!!

Today is PPA until playtime, followed by an hour in the ICT suite.  The afternoon is also organised but not too heavily.  There's a small task to do and then they can 'choose' while I get things ready for straight after school.  It's the early session today and I have my first parent at 3:20 which is a bit ridiculously early really but it helped her.  So all has to be set out and ready before our library session at 2:35.  And then it's a downhill slope to half term.  Woohoo!!!

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