Wednesday 19 October 2011


Yesterday was one of the nicest days I can remember in a long while.  The sun was shining, playtime was very uneventful, the Important Visitor said what we wanted her to say, saw things the way we wanted her to see them and will make recommendations that we are well pleased about.   Although I worked non-stop through the day (playtime duty, all through lunch break, playtime duty and two meetings after school) everything went very well so no complaints.  Best of all, the lessons were successful, the children were happy and cooperative and I feel they really *learned* things today.  Nothing very eventful happened, it was just a lovely, happy, calm, contented day and everyone went home smiling.

When I got home I laughed my socks off.  Over the weekend I ordered some small brown carrier bags (which I can recommend, if you are OK with large quantities, from and some jam jars (from - also recommended).  On Monday I got an email from the former saying they were delivering on Tuesday and if I needed the parcel left anywhere to put instructions on the door as they charged for redelivery.  So I duly left a note saying 'leave the parcel under the green box, please'.  When I got home, not only had the box of bags been delivered, so had two large boxes of jam jars.  Both delivery companies had taken my instructions to heart so, by the front door, there were two boxes of jam jars, one on top of the other, with the box of bags on top and the green bin fitting snugly on the top box, like a well fitting green hat, the whole thing coming up to shoulder height.  It looked like something from The Village With Three Corners with a surreal twist to it and I bet whoever delivered second must have had a good laugh, as I did.  I'd have taken a photo but the camera battery needed recharging (and still does, must get it done!).  I was impressed and pleased with the speed of delivery, especially as I have more plum jam with mulled wine to make, not to mention the greet tomato chutney, and was virtually out of jars.

Regular readers may recall that a while ago DG came to spend the day with me while his mama took a certain Tonk cat elsewhere for mating.  They arrived with a bagful of stuff from the allotment which I promptly turned into a sort of made up on the spot pickle style chutney thing with some bits and pieces from the bottom of my fridge added as well.  We split the six jars it made and I put the leftover half jar in my fridge.  On Sunday we had cheese on toast for tea so I decided to try what I called Allotment Chutney' for myself, DD having said it was scrummy.  She was right.  It was absolutely delicious.  I wish I could remember what I put in it now!!  One thing's for sure - those three jars are not going to be given away as presents.  No way!

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