Sunday 2 October 2011


It was so hot yesterday, wasn't it?  Hot but not particularly humid, I felt, so much more bearable that it could have been.  And the big difference between heat in Autumn and heat in Summer is that in Autumn, once the sun has gone down, the temperature moderates pretty quickly and the nights and early mornings can be chilly, as it is right now.  Opening the window wide and having the fan on stopped the bedroom from getting too unpleasant during the day yesterday and I shall do the same today as it is supposed to be just as warm.  Tomorrow too, but after that they say it will cool off again and be more normal for October.  With the forecast of very cold weather to come I can't help wondering whether this month will see not only the hottest temperature in October since records began but also the coldest.  Time alone will tell!

As far as I am concerned, the longer the cold weather stays away at the moment, the better.  The tomatoes are now ripening well and every day sees a picking.  Three plants is not enough to provide me with extra ripe fruits for chutney, sadly, although I reckon there will be enough green ones for both chutney and a go at making jam.  I am thinking about having a couple more plants next year.  There should be room as tomatoes don't seem to mind being a bit close to each other.  I must research the heavy cropping varieties, or ask the experts (aka DD or Dad).

Today is a busy day.  I've asked DD not to come over this afternoon.  Not only is there performance management to prepare for, the following week is consultation evenings and there's rather a lot of work to do for that as well.  so this weekend has been a one day wonder and it's a work day today - with resty gaps in-between, of course!

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