Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Tuesday morning

One day down, four to go (plus a weekend).  Yesterday I intended to go to Ikea with a friend but she wasn't well so I didn't go.  So, in the interests of half term-itis, I idled the morning away exchanging social stuff on Facebook followed by a trip to Hobbycraft plus Boots to get some hearing aid batteries.  They've moved things around in Hobbycraft since I was last there.  The wool is now upstairs which is good because I tended to miss upstairs unless there was a specific reason for going up there.  They had some Can-Can yarn on special (still expensive, just not as expensive as it could be) so I bought some and have learnt a new way of knitting.  Many thanks to Diane for chatting to me on Facebook this morning and giving me some hints!

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