Friday 21 October 2011

Friday: One more day to go . . .

. . . as we used to sing as children.  Just one day before one sixth of the school year is over and done.  One day before I can safely turn off the alarm clock for nine days.  I suppose I could anyway, I cannot remember the last time I slept up to the alarm but the chances are that the sleep when I didn't set the alarm would be the sleep in a million that I would oversleep!

It's cold again this morning but nowhere near as cold as yesterday.  There's no frost, for a start.  The weather bods say it should warm up considerably, which sounds good.  I shall make the decision regarding shoes and tights or summer sandals just before setting off to school.  And, maybe, when I get home from school (as early as I possibly can) I can have the French window open for a while, to air the house.  Here's hoping.

DG comes home today after five days away on a school residential.  I hope he's had a great time and I daresay I will hear ALL about it over the weekend.  I just hope he hasn't done what my son did - went away on a school skiing holiday and came back ten days later and several centimetres taller.  Really!  He went away shorter than I and when he came home I had to look up to him!  It was a right shock.  No wonder he'd been complaining about aching arms and legs.  Growing pains!

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day but after that I have nice, gentle plans for the holiday.  A trip to IKEA, a trip to Hyde Hall, lunch out with a friend and a birthday (not mine).  And some work in the classroom getting everything ready for the new topic.  Might even get the ironing finished and the bedroom tidy, you never know!  Stranger things happen.

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