Saturday 22 October 2011


It's come.  Half term has started.  OK, so I suppose that, officially, it doesn't start until Monday so I can celebrate twice!  Today is a busy day with people to lunch, the house in a right mess and piles of (pre)ironing everywhere.  Luckily, my visitors know me!!

Yesterday was SEN day.  It turned out to be very productive.  I virtually finished an important report that doesn't actually have to be in until the end of November so I'm well ahead, which is good.  I did plenty of other paperwork, monitored of that of others, had three meetings and generally felt that the day went well.  The children did their very last piece of work on the half term's theme and, amazingly, it took them right to the last page of their books.  That means we can start a new theme with new books without any guilt about wasting paper!

Better go, there's work to be done!!

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