Sunday 23 October 2011

Sunday morning - very early

It's nearly 3:20 (a.m.) here and I'm down and rather awake.  I've been awake for nearly an hour and it's annoying!  The trouble is, yesterday morning I was up very early, bustled around all day and didn't really sit down at all until late afternoon with the result that once I did sit down I was very tired.  I managed to stay awake through Masterchef and part of Strictly, then went to sleep.  I emerged briefly during Merlin then fell asleep again.  Staggered up to bed, went to sleep quickly and woke, raring to go, at about half past two.  Grrrr.  However, after a coffee I can feel myself nodding off again so shall go back up in a little while and, hopefully, get some more shut-eye.

Yesterday really was a lovely day.  Apart from all the company and that super cake, I was pleased with the food too.  As I wasn't able to do too much, I kept is simple and we had jacket potatoes with cheese, tuna mayo or baked beans for topping, with a nice mixed salad, coleslaw and crisps.  It all looked very nice and, as people kept going up for more (it was a buffet), I think it was well received.  I did make rather too much but that just means I don't have to cook very much for the next few days!  AND the house (downstairs, anyway) is tidy and more or less clean.   Can't be bad.

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