Friday 8 July 2011

Friday morning

. . . and I was right, Junior Sports Day was well and truly postponed. The back up day is this afternoon but whether it will happen is very much in doubt as the forecast is still not good. My goodness it poured at times yesterday afternoon. The worst was about fifteen minutes after the children were 'released' so most would be on their way home and would have been absolutely drenched - the soaked through to the skin variety of drenched, poor things. The mums who had remained behind having a natter all made a beeline for the school again so we had mums and kids dripping off in each classroom too. At the moment it is overcast and looks as if it has only just stopped raining for a short while, everything is dripping and there's certainly no need to water my pots this morning.
I wonder how many phone calls K (school secretary) will have this morning asking if sports day is still on. Yesterday the earliest was at about quarter past eight. How on earth can she tell at that time, unless it's been raining solidly for ages, in which case ones own common sense should know . . .

Yesterday was the observation of my literacy lesson and I am very glad to have that behind me now. It was OK, I think.

Now there's just two shows and an interview to look forward to before I can properly relax and take life easier. And with at least two socials in the offing, things are definitely looking up!

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