Tuesday 19 July 2011

Tuesday evening

. . . late afternoon anyway.

Yesterday the Juniors gave a performance of their show to the Infants. It was a bit modified and come and go because our hall isn't really big enough to seat all the children with any comfort, let alone have a stage area too, so year 6 and one year 5 class stayed in and led the singing and the other junior classes came to do their dance and then went again. You know, they were brilliant. Because they were relaxed, the acting and singing were super and those little Infant children sat engrossed for nearly an hour and a half and not one asked to go to the toilet. Now that's a sure fire indication of a great show.

So today, when G brought in her DVD of the Wizard of Oz, they were all thrilled when I put it on instead of story time. There was just enough time to watch up to where the house lands in Munchkinland and when I turned it off there were wails of dismay.

Guess what we're doing tomorrow! :0)

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