Friday, 22 July 2011


One more day, no more sleeps. In ten hours' time the school year will have ended, the children will have gone home and it will be the start of a long break. Yes, there will be work to do, yes, I will go into school, but it's different and a change is as good as a rest (not necessarily always true but this time it is)!

Yesterday was an odd day. I think it was the weather that made it feel strange. Very humid, very damp, very dull and overcast, threatening to rain on and off all through the day with big drops falling but never amounting to anything. No assembly (always makes for a long day), a changeover in the afternoon (the teachers who are moving classrooms did so while the rest of us had their children). One of my littlies brought in a lovely present of a wonderful card, a necklace of which style I have long coveted and a pot of his home made strawberry jam, which gift cause both laughter and tears as I gave his mum exactly the same kind of jam made with fruit picked on the same farm as a thank you - even the label and the lid cover were exactly the same. A couple of other littlies had made cookies for everyone and jolly nice they were too, absolutely delicious. Mrs L (Just Jules - see her page on Facebook) had made the most glorious cupcakes for me and my team - chocolate heaven.

And a farewell lunchtime buffet for an LSA who has been with us as long as I have really. Her oldest is the same age as my youngest. We've worked together on many an occasion and I am very sorry to see her go. All the very best, C, in your retirement. I will miss you.

So on to today. Video, play with school things, play with toy brought from home, choccies in the afternoon, tidy up, final hugs . . .
Better take some extra tissues into school.

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