Saturday, 2 July 2011

Saturday morning

The bush that thinks it's a tree has definitely got ideas well above its station again. This year it's growing up again and also out. Way too big for the raised bed, unfortunately. I should have planted it in a large pot and if/when I get another one, that's what I will do. I think I will ask Dad to prune it back very, very severely this autumn. Maybe we were too kind last time. However, I suspect it's just growing in the way the Good Lord intended and there's not a lot I can do about it but to have it out and replace it with something just as interesting and attractive but less inclined to ambitious growth!
It's beautiful out there at the moment. The sun is shining, the air is still and there's the promise of a gorgeous day to come.

Yesterday was wearisome. Lots of bits and pieces and a feeling of running my fastest to stay where I was. Fortunately it brightened up after school when my friend arrived and by the time we'd polished off some fish and chips with a salad life was looking rosy. Then A spent the whole evening trying to configure something for me - thank you so much, A. Very much appreciated!

So now it's Saturday. George isn't coming which is kind of lucky because I want to go out! have a good day, G, whatever you're doing and if you can't make an evening, don't worry - next Saturday will be fine. I have to cut the 'lawn' at the front - the rain and the warmth has caused the grass to grow mightily and it's a mess (again) - but apart from that and a little hoeing, the rest can wait for George's ministrations next time!

The only decisions I have to make are ones like 'do I go fruit picking first and then on to Sainsbury's?' (yes) and 'what book will I read when I sit outside this afternoon' (t b d). I hope your day is as nice as mine promises to be.

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