Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Wednesday morning

After last night's success, I think we all must have slept a lot better through the night. I know I did, thank goodness. The worst happened and I totally lost my place at one point, but it wasn't a disaster, people very kindly said they didn't notice (yeah, sure!) and all in all I played more notes in the right order that in the wrong order.

There's still some pressures to come. Another show, two performances of Jack and the Beanstalk (today and tomorrow) and an Investors in People interview today. That's what I'm most worried about - imagine being the person who made the comment that looses the school its I in P award. Eeeek. On the plus side, there's no staff meeting after school today and once tomorrow is over, that's it!! I'm out on a SENCO conference on Friday and there's a social get-together in the evening.

Saturday is crash out day! It has to be, I can't keep this up much longer. :0)

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