Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sunday morning

It's a very sneezy morning too. I need to dig out the anti-h and take a tablet before it becomes overwhelming. Morrisons bog-standard 'non-drowsy hayfever and allergy relief. Tiny, easily swallowed tablets, working as well as any other kind I have used, a fortnight's supply in a pack and they were on BOGOF. What more could a sneezy snuffler ask for?

Yesterday evening A and I had salmon, broccoli and new potatoes from DD's allotment, just about the yummiest potatoes I have ever had. They were flavoursome and just the best. That was followed by the strawberry ice cream I made yesterday afternoon - just the bit that wouldn't fit in the larger container and, my word, it was the best! So here's the recipe. it makes loads and loads so half quantities might be the way to go. It's from a very, very old book, nearly thirty years old now and it's very easy. No faffing about with custards, etc. I used my ice cream maker so didn't need to do the beating after an hour bit.

Strawberry Ice cream

1 kg fresh or frozen strawberries, hulled
15ml lemon juice
450g icing sugar, sifted
600ml double or whipping cream

Liquidise the strawberries to a puree or rub through a nylon sieve with a wooden spoon.
Gradually add the icing sugar, stirring well between each addition.
Beat the cream until it forms soft peaks and fold into the strawberry mixture.
Then either:
Churn in ice cream maker until done, then pour into a suitable container and freeze well
Pour into a freezer container and freeze. Beat after one hour, then cover, seal and freeze.
It says 'serves six to eight'. More like twelve to fourteen!!!
I added chopped up bits of strawberry at the end, before placing in the freezer, and they ended up like strawberry ice chips. Next time I will puree them and 'ripple' them in.

The strawberry jam mixture is standing over a very low heat while the sugar dissolves. Shortly, I will need to sterilise the jars and start boiling it all up. Last time I made jam it got to setting point fairly quickly, so I want to be prepared! And later on it's ho! for Morrisons and some vodka to make the strawberry vodka. Yum yum yum, hic!

Have a great day, whatever you are planning.

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