Friday 29 July 2011


The end of the first week of the holidays is in sight and what have I achieved? I feel less tired, that's for sure, although I do tend to fall asleep when I sit down for more than ten minutes. I've read a good book. I've made plum jam and peanut butter cookies. I've . . . er . . . bought a new bin! That's about it really but do I care? Not one bit.

Plum jam is so jolly easy to make. I always stew the plums with the stones and then remove the stones before adding the sugar. I think you get a better set that way. Mind you - maybe I got too good a set - the results of yesterday's efforts are more like a plum cheese, quite solid.
Yesterday Stacey suggested that plum and mulled wine jam is rather delicious so I've found a recipe and am going to have a go when the next lot of plums are ready foir picking at Lathcoats Farm.

It tastes jolly good though. Breakfast this morning is croissants with two plum jams. The croissants are heating as I type.

As for today - more of the usual with some serious 'thinking' for a blog friend who is going through a very rough time at the moment.

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