Monday 7 October 2019


Good morning.  It wasn't such a great day for us humans yesterday but the ducks loved it!  I discovered that my super comfortable and supportive new running shoes are not water-tight.  I will have to spray them with something that might help.  However, my older Karrimor walking shoes ARE so that's good.

As I wanted to start swimming at ten, before the pool got too busy, I skipped getting the paper until afterwards and managed to get the very last Sunday Times they had.  Phew!

Over lunch, I caught up on Strictly.  Wow, some amazing dancing for any time, let alone just week three and the first tens awarded!  Where do they go from there, I wonder, in order to show the 'journey' the judges like to talk about? 
There were some extremely funny bits - am I the only one to think Anton actually looked a bit like Hank Marvin in his wig and glasses, especially the glasses?
I've never seen Craig look so disconcerted!

I thought it was clearing up over lunch time but no, down came the rain again in the afternoon so my pm walk was splashy in the extreme but still fun all the same.

And I had a very pleasant evening, very relaxing and nice and warm.  The apartments seem to have a very good heating system.  I managed to stay awake for Strictly and have slept very well indeed, especially considering dinner was rather large!

I took these photos from my second floor balcony window using the zoom.  The muntjacs are all over the place and I've seen more of them in the last few days than I did over the whole holiday last year

Today is probably more of the same.  I was thinking of popping out to Brandon Country Park and walking one of their trails but, checking the weather, it is likely to start raining again this afternoon whereas tomorrow is expected to be sunny so I think I will probably do that tomorrow instead.
I do fancy doing a bit of shopping.  Last year I got a lovely hooded long cardigan thingy but I've looked around the 'boutique' and there's nothing the catches my eye.  However, in the sports shop there are a couple of nice swimming costumes.  I can still wear my current cossies (obviously!) but really I could do with a size smaller and they're not so easy to find in the shops right now. 
Anyway, I might try them on and see what I think.

I'll have my early stroll to the shops and my swim but I think I'll take it easier in the afternoon and just stroll around the village centre and people watch as well as shopping (mostly of the window variety!).  If I go to Brandon Park tomorrow, it's likely to be energetic enough to make up and anyway, I'm on holiday!

Have a good day, everyone.  xx


  1. Muntjacs look lovely in their natural environment but my poor sister in law who is a keen gardener has them visit her garden and completely destroy it so she is not very fond of them. Anyway enjoy your swim and walks and also some nice resting time too.

    1. I can imagine they would be a real nuisance, as can squirrels be too. Here at CP they are 'protected' so are very bold and brave and just stare at you bewfore moving casually away.

  2. Hope you find a good swimsuit. I find they are cut so high in the leg that they look ridiculous on an older figure. The last decent one I got was in Spain where they cater to all figures!

  3. Thanks - they can be hard to find, I have discovered.