Saturday 19 October 2019


Good morning!

It's been great fun making cakes.  I did the apple cinnamon cake yesterday and will ice it this evening or even early tomorrow morning.  I've just made the coffee and walnut cake - it's still in the oven, in fact - and will ice that ditto.
I'd forgotten how much fun it is to make a cake and how wonderful it makes the whole house smell!

Both the recipes seem to have worked well so that was lucky.  I'll definitely make the shortbread biscuits tonight.

Today, Jackie and I are off to Hyde Hall for lunch and a good look round.  The leaves are finally starting to turn autumnal and they will have all their pumpkins, gourds and squashes on display which should be fun.  Must remember the camera!

I'm keeping this short as it's a busy morning and the timer is about to shout to me that I need to check the cake.  Have a great day and see you tomorrow!  xx


  1. Morning Joy, what a lovely day you have planned, enjoy your lunch with your friend and looking around. xx

    1. It's been gorgeous sunshine. Really lovely!

  2. Thanks, Debbie and Tanya. We've had a lovely time.

  3. You are right baking cakes is such fun. Hope you enjoyed your day and lunch. xx