Wednesday 9 October 2019

Wednesday - photo alert!

Good morning!  It was so lovely to see the sun yesterday pretty much all of the first part of the morning and through the afternoon although later on there was a heavy rain shower.  Today looks like being pretty lovely too so I'm in luck!

As planned, I skipped the swim and soon after ten I headed towards the car, got there and had to head back to the apartment because how can you drive a car without the key?  I've not been carrying keys about with me this week as they are not needed and weigh the bag down a bit! 
As expected, it was just a short drive along the road before I was drawing into the entrance to Brandon Country Park where I found the car park, paid my dues (£2 for all day) and took a look around.

There seemed no sign of any visitors' centre but there were maps and leaflets in the entrance to the cafe so I picked one up and found the walk I planned to take, well plotted in purple!  First of all, I took a look around the walled garden which must have been really pretty in summer and should be in spring too, but needs just a bit of autumnal cutting back ( like my garden really!)..

 Loved this signpost!
You can see how pretty it is.

Then I set out and it was a really pleasant walk, through different parts of Thetford Forest, just touching the heathland area at one point and then back into the forest before passing Brandon Park House and the mausoleum that the first owner had built for him and his wife.  That last is all locked up and the bumph says that it is now home to some pipistrelle bats.
The walk was very well signposted and, even without a map, there was little chance of getting lost.

 Just look at all the colours on this log.  I love tree bark and the more I look, the more detail I see.  Colour, shape, pattern.  Nature is a wonderful artist.
 Part of the walk; very easy terrain, damp in places but never muddy or soggy and well maintained.
 The heathlands area
 I have no idea what kind of fungus these are but how attractive is that frill, like a tutu almost!
 This is the mausoleum.  Posh bat hotel!  It's a very lovely little building.
The rectangular pond had bamboo and bulrushes all round the edge and the bamboo seemed to be being harvested.

Then I had lunch (very tasty!)

After lunch I decided to do the shortest walk, just one mile in length so I did that fairly briskly and then, as I wasn't ready to leave, did it again but slowly and looking down carefully to see all the little things that are so easy to miss.  Please excuse all the photos - I took loads as there was so much to see!

Back at the village, it suddenly clouded over and we had a very heavy shower; very attractive (when looking out from the warm and dry flat) but difficult to photograph! 

You can just see the rain!

I guess when I come back I will go to Brandon Park again and maybe do the longer walk, the five miler.  It should be fine seeing as I did more than that in total yesterday!

Today is just the usual.  Swim and walk.  I think I will do all round the perimeter of the village this afternoon, assuming good weather - and, probably, even if it does rain!
Have a good day too.  xx


  1. Lovely photos, always worth it to look what's around our feet, and up, when out for a walk.

  2. Fabulous photos and nice fungi of course it is the season and we have had the rain that they need.

  3. Beautiful pictures Joy - the yellow fungi are gorgeous.

  4. What a beautiful walk. Can't think of anything nicer on such a nice day. xx

  5. That looks like a beautiful place to walk and visit! I love the fungus. I really find it interesting to look at and photograph. That arch of trees will look absolutely stunning once the leaves change colour.

  6. Thank,. everyone. It was a lovely day and I wish I lived closer so I could go back there.