Tuesday 8 October 2019


Good morning, everyone.

An 'interesting day', yesterday - for me, anyway!
As usual, the swim was lovely and I got my hour in easily.  I was sitting on one of the poolside chairs, reading the paper, when they started clearing the pool.  I never found out why; it wasn't an evacuation as all the other water based facilities were still being used - flumes, rapids, death defying thing which I have never tried (and won't be trying either) and spa pool - and I never found out what the pool problem was.  I didn't ask and, as I didn't have my hearing aids in, would not have heard the response anyway.

Then I came home and was just finishing my shower, dripping wet hair, etc, when the alarm in the apartment - in the whole building, in fact - went off.  Oh, darn it!!  So I did what you're not supposed to do and took time to wrap a towel and dressing gown around me, grab my hearing aids, purse, etc, and look out into the corridor.  There were some cleaners there who assured me that it was just a practice, nothing to worry about, but by that time I had stepped out and the door had closed with the security key I had forgotten to snatch up on the other side.

I hope what I muttered under my breath wasn't too audible before the funny side struck me and I started laughing.  They were able to let me in again, of course, so it wasn't a major problem, but the lesson was learnt:  NEVER leave the apartment without the security key (which is an elecronic wristband thing).

After lunch, I went back to the village centre to do a thorough trawl of the shops.  It was very enjoyable but there honestly was nothing I chose to spend my money on.  I tried a couple of costumes on but wasn't convinced.  I think I will wait until the new year's Cotton Traders costumes become available.  They are fairly sensibly priced, I know they fit and there's a reasonable number that don't have stupidly high legs, low tops, holes in inconvenient places, etc.

I looked at the Christmas decorations but there was nothing to fit my colour scheme, which is always red, green and gold, as they were mostly white and silvery.  I was tempted by some scented jar candles and might go back and get a few before I go though.

Then it was time to head back to the apartment for the evening.  In a holiday village crammed with people of all ages, shapes and types, it is odd how isolated one can feel.  I suppose it was a result of the two earlier experiences where, without my aids in, I was very shut off from what was going on around me and at something of a disadvantage.  I don't mind the feeling; I've become used to it over the years and only occasionally is it brought to my notice that what is really a relatively minor disability in the wider scheme of things can be a right nuisance!  How I would cope without my wonderful aids, I'd rather not imagine!  Lucky me.  Seriously, lucky me.

Anyway, I had that sense of isolation, of being very on my own, albeit in a very cosy, comfortable little box, for just a short time before it passed and things were back to normal again.  Very odd.

After all that, I had a fabulous night's sleep.

Today I can't make up my mind whether to have a swim first or set off for Brandon Country Park earlier.  I think I might do the latter and maybe give the swimming a miss today.  I am feeling the effects of yesterday's swim with slightly aching shoulders and upper arms so perhaps a day off is called for anyway.

There are several walk trails at the Park which is open from dawn to dusk (says the web site) with the visitors' centre and tearoom opening at ten.  It's just down the road from here.  Literally, you turn left onto the road, go down a couple of miles or so and there it is, on the left.  It really couldn't be easier.
The trail I am interested in is called the Forest and Heath trail.  The bumph on the site says:

"The Forest & Heath Trail follows a 3.5 mile circular route from the Visitor Centre through our arboretum and magnificent Beech Avenue, into the deeper Thetford Forest.
Distance: 3.5 miles
Duration: 1.5-2 hours
Terrain: A gentle walk on firm paths and soft forest tracks.
Description: Follow the Purple Trail around the Country Park and into the wilder Thetford Forest. From the Visitor Centre venture past the play areas and our famous Beech Avenue to the arboretum. You pass by our Orchard and into Thetford Forest with its acres of evergreen Scots Pine plantation, areas of Larch which drip needles onto the paths and open glades. Look out for buzzards soaring in the air above, sparrowhawks skimming through the trees, nuthatches and blue tits. Listen out for green woodpeckers or barking muntjac deer. At dusk hear our resident tawny owls. "

Sounds OK, doesn't it? Another trail description warns about possibly muddy areas but this doesn't so I am assuming, perhaps wrongly, that it won't be too gloopy.

So the ideas is to have a leisurely breakfast, set out in my own time, do the walk and then treat myself to lunch at the Copper Beech Tearoom which looks really good and does half portions and more healthy snacks (it says!).  After that, I will see how I feel.  I might just meander around for a while or I might come back again.

By the end of today, there will be just two days left!  Time flies.
Enjoy your day xx


  1. What an eventful day! Funny how these feelings overwhelm us sometimes. Hope you enjoy your day today. xx

    1. I guess it wasn't much in the wider scheme of things but a bit of 'excitement' while on holiday!

  2. I hope today will be much less eventful for you. The walk sounds lovely. I'm always in favour of a gentle stroll with a tea room at the end. X

    1. It was lovely, thanks. Lots of photos. A bit more than a gentle stroll until after lunch but I had a super time. xx

  3. I hope your walk is enjoyable and lunch at the tearoom is delicious! Sounds like a really lovely place to visit. Sorry about the unusual events yesterday, but today will be better!

    1. It was good. Lunch was very welcome - a perfectly cooked half jacket potato with bacon and chicken and a little salad. Just what the doctor ordered, as we say!