Wednesday 10 July 2019


Good morning.  There's still three days to go, including today.  That extra day has made a big difference!

Weather wise, the forecast is not good.  Light rain and a gentle breeze and I have to admit it does look very like it right now.  The heaviest and lowest clouds I have seen since Saturday.  We had a few drops of rain yesterday, but nothing much and quickly over.

Yesterday I had three good walks and a brewery tour.
The first one was my early morning walk to get the paper, detour to the beach, sit and read the paper and then take a long way home for breakfast.  Everywhere is pretty deserted at that time and those of us who are out exchange smiles and greetings.  Very friendly.

Then, after breakfast and sorting out my little home, I set off again.  With an hour to waste, I went down to the beach again for some more sand walking before it was time to head to the pick up point for the tour.  It was all very interesting, especially the history, related by a very enthusiastic old chap who certainly knew his onions!  We could have got very tiddly at the tasting after the tour - the amounts and varieties were extremely generous!  We also left with a voucher for a free beer/lager from the shop which I will certainly make good use of on Friday.

Home for lunch and to watch a bit of Wimbledon before setting out again, along to the pier and beyond.  There seems to be no way to go any further than the end of the sea walk bit; there are barriers and a stone wall that goes into the sea and it is obvious that 'they' want to deter people so I won't even try to get round that.  Things like that are usually there for a reason.  It was a lovely walk; the tide was just on the turn so as soon as I got back to the Southwold side of the pier, I went onto the sand and strolled along the water's edge all the way to the sand dunes (which isn't all that far really but I kept stopping to watch the waves).  There weren't many people about, just a couple of hardy swimmers, a few kite flyers and, like me, people enjoying a walk.

Well, while I was typing the above, it started to rain and there are big splats on the windows.  Never mind, I had planned a more inside day today.
Firstly, I need to do a little bit of shopping to get things like a bit more fresh fruit and veg, a bit of fish and chicken and so on.
Then I shall do the museums.  I had thought to walk to the estuary to the RNLI museum but I'll see how the weather works out.  Then there's the Sailors' Reading Room, the Amber Museum and the Southwold Museum, all of which are within very easy reach and all very small.
I was going to go up the lighthouse as well but, after seeing the notice about very dodgy steps (at some points, they need to be tackled backwards like a ladder) and not suitable for those with vertigo, I shall give it a miss.  I still remember when I got stuck on the steps up to the top of Framlingham castle and had to go back down the up stairs, backwards and almost on hands and knees.  Not a nice experience and one I have no wish to knowingly repeat!  Holidays are meant to be fun, after all!

So that's today.  I might do a windswept walk along the sand again, I'd like that, but will see how everything fits in.
Hoping we all have a good day, whatever we plan to do.  xx


  1. Very wise to give the lighthouse steps a miss, Joy - I wouldn't do it either! I don't like heights, but well remember going to the top of the Blackpool tower (well, we were on holiday!)….I stepped out of the lift and froze with my back against the wall. Eyes firmly shut and completely unable to move. Well, I tried it but never again! xx

    1. That's how I felt about Framlingham, Sooze. I gave it a go and never again! A truly horrible feeling.

  2. Hoped to get to meet up when you were in Suffolk this week, but started feeling rough on Sunday so thought best not to arrange anything Just In Case - and I'm still lacking in ooommmppphhh and wouldn't want to spread the whatever it is to you.
    I'll have to visit Fram and take photos from the top of the wall for you!

    1. That's such a shame as it would have been lovely to meet up and I'm so sorry you're feeling rough anyway. I will be back so maybe then?
      Look after yourself.