Tuesday 16 July 2019


Good morning!  Yesterday was such a happy day because of Indigo's return.  Thank you for all your lovely comments sharing in our happiness - and if that sounds soppy, that's because I feel soppy!  :-)
I went round to Beth's to take some shopping and found an atmosphere of euphoric bliss there - and that was just the cats!!  Inds kept snuggling up to Beth whenever she sat down and followed her around if she was up.  She's never done that much before so I guess she had been thoroughly scared, poor puss-cat. 

I looked up info about footpaths around here and got side tracked into a site that informs about regular organised walks in and around town between 30 mins and about 90 mins which I might get a little bit involved in.  There's a local one on Thursday morning although I think I have something else on then.  Never mind, they happen once a week so another week will do.  This is the site.  Has anyone heard of Walking for Life?

I got my act together and have resumed my early morning swims.  It was lovely, well worth the effort and I was home by half past eight so it really doesn't cut into the day at all.  I can't go today but may well go again tomorrow.

The other happy is that I cut the first cucumber yesterday and, oh, my word!  SO delicious.  Cool, fresh, crisp and juicy, it was lovely, so much nicer than bought ones.  It will see me through the week and there's another one ready which I will cut and take to Dad's with me on Friday.

Today they are changing the electric meter any time between eight and twelve so I have to stay in.  The power will be off for about thirty minutes so I will then have to go round resetting a few clocks afterwards.

Apart from the above and a tuition session (the last this week), that's all the planned stuff for today.  There's a few messy corners in the living room so today's task is to get them sorted out.  It shouldn't take long and will look so much the better for it.

Well, better stop and get going with the day.  May it be a great day for us all.  xx


  1. The 'walking for health' walks are the ones I'm interested in doing, but haven't been on one so far. I'll be interested to hear how you get on.

    1. Ah - interesting. I will, as soon as I get around to it. If you go first, do let me know how it went.

    2. Here in Derbyshire there are quite a few 'walking for health groups', I go to one on Thursday mornings, we walk between 3 and 3.5 miles, we alternate between a local walk and one a bit further afield. WelL organised and a very friendly group, ranging in age from fifty to well
      in there eighties. We also have a buffet lunch at a local pub in summer and a Christmas Meal. WelL worth taking a look to see if it suits you xx

    3. Hi, Kathleen. That's well worth knowing, thank you very much.