Monday 22 July 2019


Good morning, everyone.  It's cloudy and rather warm right now and I really am not looking forward to the week at all, weather wise.  In other ways, it's going to be nice as I have a dear friend staying until Friday.  We're hoping it won't be too hot to go out and about a bit and we'd like to visit places like Hanningfield reservoir, but we will have to see.

Yesterday, Beth gave my garden a good soaking and I'm expecting that things will have grown again.  As I picked the cucumber than was ready, I expect some of the baby ones will have come on and I'd like to see a few tomatoes ripening, although I'm not so sure really.  Dad's runners are at the same point as mine - plenty of flowers but none setting yet.  They will, given time.

I'm still at Dad's as I type this, but will be making tracks after breakfast.  I'll keep this short as I'm really not sure what's happening today, except that I will need to do a bit of food shopping and I can't do that until I have talked to my friend about it.  No tuition today but I need to do a bit of planning as I am doing some tomorrow morning, early.  I think I have another student for September, after losing several after SATs or good progress.  I'm pleased about that.

Well, I'd better stop and get my things into the car - I like to be ready, more or less, before breakfast.  That way, there's no last minute rush.
Have a good day and stay hydrated!  xx


  1. I'm hoping to get out a bit during the week but the weather is putting a bit if a damper on my plans - 3 really hot days and then storms for the rest of the week. It's not looking too promising! Anyway, hope you have a lovely time with your friend and please remember your camera so we can join in with your trips out 😁

    1. Thanks and I will try to remember. A shame the heat is putting such a limit on activity but there will be more weeks after this one.