Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Wednesday evening

It's not been a bad day. It's been OK really, no big issues or hassles.
So why do I feel I've lost my way all of a sudden? Why do I feel useless and an utter failure?
No idea, but I sincerely hope it passes by - and quick! I haven't got room in my life for doom, gloom and misery right now. It has to take its place in the queue.

Sometimes life just makes one feel like yoyo, doesn't it, or a merry go round . . .
Remember 'Puppet on a String'?

Life is just like a merry-go-round
With all the fun of the fair
One day I'm feeling down on the ground
Then I'm up in the air . . .

Roll on 'then', whenever that may be. And apologies for the self indulgent blog.

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