Saturday, 15 January 2011

Saturday evening

DG is now here and happily watching a replay of 'Trapped', a children's programme that used to be his absolute, all time favourite. We've just had dinner - those turkey meatballs that I thought were a bit bland. I was wrong - with some grated cheese on top, some garlic bread, salad and coleslaw, they were delicious and not a crumb has been left. No meatball, no coleslaw - nothing, it's all been eaten. I didn't have an awful lot, but DG made up for that! Young teens are all tummy, aren't they? He's contentedly munching a satsuma now, bless him.

I'm well pleased with the step. It's much higher than the Wii board and will give me a better workout, that's for certain. Five minutes on it and I was puffing - just what I want!

Later on, I will need to make and chill those burgers. The onions are slowly softening as I type and I have to decide what seasonings I want. Garlic, a bit of chilli, some mixed herbs, salt and pepper. Nothing too complicated.

And now I need to go and make up the bed . . .

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