Sunday, 2 January 2011

Sunday morning

The last day of freedom. Tomorrow I must look over my planning, sort out my resources, etc, etc, etc. And then on Tuesday, the staff are all in for INSET with the children back on Wednesday.

So how am I celebrating today. Well, actually, I'm not really. After yesterday's mammoth washing spree there's a huge pile - several piles, in fact - of ironing which I really do want to get done this morning, so that's one or two DVDs on while I do so. The house itself isn't in a bad state, so that's OK. The kitchen needs a little bit of sorting but half an hour should see that straight. This afternoon, DD and DG are coming round for tea, hopefully.

Just an ordinary day, in fact, the holiday feeling is past and life is moving on and a jolly good thing too. Holidays and breaks are lovely, but they should be the punctuation marks, not the words and phrases. Half term is seven weeks away, that's all.

Better go and set up the ironing board. Start early, finish early!

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