Saturday, 8 January 2011

Saturday morning: fabulously frugal food

I'm well chuffed. I 'popped' into Morrison's last night and came out with the following:
1. a huge, ginormous whole boned gammon (smoked), reduced to half price because the sell by date is today
2. A very nice, not too fatty, boned and rolled piece of belly pork, very reasonably priced
3. Three single vegetarian friendly quiches, half price (again, sell by date today)
4. Half a dozen eggs, half price. Sell by date is the 14th but they will be used tomorrow - scrambled eggs on toast for tea for me, DD and DG.

What will I do with it all?
Well, the meats are nicely netted so, hopefully, I can just simply cut them carefully into smaller pieces, wrap them well and freeze them. I think I will cut some slices from the gammon first, for when I fancy gammon for dinner. I'm wondering about having a go at brining one of the bits of belly pork under Diane's expert tuition, if she will be so kind. I should get three smaller pieces of the pork and three good sized pieces of gammon plus the slices. When the family come to stay they love boiled ham, so now I have some ready and the larger joints do have the better flavour.
The three quiches will freeze and be used for a Sunday tea with DD and DG at some point.
The eggs will be gone by tomorrow evening

The other thing I got was a packet of marrowfat peas. When the freezer broke I lost all my little pots of mushy peas and, after the success of the soup yesterday (basically sprout cooking water, chicken granules and a can of mushy peas) I decided I ought to have a supply of mushies. They're part way through cooking as I type.

We will draw a veil over the rest of the shopping. Most of it was Not Helpful!

I was going to go into town today but it's chucking it down at the moment so no way!
Today I would like to:
deal with the meat and freeze
get the mushy peas into little pots and in the freezer
washing and ironing and all the other regular weekend chores
gather together some NRC recipes - the new foody mags are out and also the new Rosemary Conley mag has some super recipes in this time
next week's planning
Christmas decorations (although I might leave them until tomorrow)
be lazy with telly and crochet
STICK TO MY EATING PLAN (yes, the caps are deliberate)

Just remembered - it's plastic recycling today so, fortunately, all I need to do is tie up the bag and chuck it out of the front door where they will collect it. Better go and do it.

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