Sunday 16 January 2011

Sunday morning

I'm a little bit later than usual today as I didn't get the burgers finished and in the freezer yesterday, what with getting the decorations down (yes, they're finally down, only one and a bit weeks late), DG arriving and staying and so on. They're freezing now though and no harm done, I'm sure. I managed to get nine two and a half pounders (big enough to have one for a meal) and one little one from what was left over, about the size of a conventional shop-bought one but ten times nicer, I am sure.
I made them with lean ground steak, a finely chopped red onion softened in butter, some garlic, a good dollop of Dijon mustard, some Worcester sauce, salt, pepper, mixed herbs and a spoonful or so of grated parmesan. The bit I fried and tasted seemed very tasty so I'm hoping I have the basis of nine delicious meals there now.

At the moment I have, in the oven, a chopped up butternut squash slowly roasting. I don't know what their shelf life is, but this one seems to have been blessed with considerable longevity: it's rather old and was perfectly sound when I chopped it up. I don't have any particular plans for it, although maybe I will use some for Sunday dinner rather than roast potatoes, but I felt it needed using up. Maybe I will free each chunk from its bit of skin and open freeze before bagging, as I do with potatoes or I could mash it up with some philly light and freeze in single portions. Decisions, decisions!

DG is staying until after lunch. After he goes I might resume my swimming. I used to go such a lot and it all tailed off. If I can get the motivation and energy together it would be good.

Well, DG is busy on the Wii, playing table tennis, and he's going to be expecting some breakfast soon so I'd better get going with it.

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