Wednesday 26 January 2011

Wednesday morning

Apologies for the lack of posting last night. I was so tired I didn't open my blog at all and was asleep by about 8:30. Very nice too and I'm lucky to be able to suit myself most of the time where that sort of thing is concerned.

There's no doubt about it, those new pillows I bought so impulsively on Sunday are lovely - so comfortable and supportive. Not at all brick like and yet they hold their shape very well. It will be good to be able to throw out some manky old ones now that are well over their best and rolling fast down the other side of the hill. In fact, I might even pop in again and see if they have any more in (they were half price).

One of the best things about MoE (well, one of the most helpful things anyway) is the lack of marking. It's a whole load of hard work in the classroom, but when it comes to marking and preparation of resources, it's pretty thin on the ground. No complaints from me. The children took to it reasonably well, although they found the whole concept of being a planning company quite hard to grasp and when designing our logo, I had several MacDonald 'M's presented proudly to me! Ooops, which reminds me, I need to scan and save the finally chosen logo which I thought was quite cute and, to my delight, worked out by my Little Pickle, who was really chuffed!

After school yesterday I realised that I'm not going to be able to finish this project today. We had already factored in Reading Revelry and Phonics, which are not negotiable, but this afternoon my class has Library (in the branch library which shares the same roof as the school) and then it's my PPA. Add to this Family Assembly and that's an awful lot of the day taken up with things I can't get out of. Oh, well . . . that's life! Maybe it's a good thing for the first time of doing MoE. Short bursts rather than a whole day is probably the way to go with littlies.

Better start getting ready, I suppose.

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