Sunday, 16 January 2011

Sunday evening

. . . and I'm worn out. Very pleasantly worn out, I hasten to add, but it's early night for me and that's for sure.

I talk more about my good habit targets on my other blog and those who read that too will know that one I've just set relates to swimming twice a week. I was intending to go early this morning but DD pointed out that as DG was staying I couldn't really. I therefore decided to go this afternoon, after they had gone home and I got things organised with that in mind. Grabbed a cossie, towels and all the other paraphernalia one seems to need nowadays and quickly checked my handbag. No gym card. Eeek. Checked again, turned everything out. No card. Never mind, they let members in who have forgotten their card and I could ask for a new one. And that was no problem. They did indeed let me in and when I left they had a new card waiting for me to collect. And this one doesn't have my photo on the front, phew!

It's ages since I went swimming but it hasn't changed at all. It was lovely getting into the water after all this time and I stayed in for an hour. I reckon about three quarters of that was actual swimming and it was halfway between what WLR calls 'recreational' swimming and 'moderate' swimming. I wasn't splashing around and mucking about, but I really couldn't go at too fast a pace (not that I ever can anyway) because I had one significant, slightly embarrassing problem. Well, the cossie fitted me all right in the summer at Streele Farm but it didn't today. I had to keep hoiking up the straps to avoid showing too much frontage and when I picked up speed it felt as if it was - well, you get the message, I'm sure. Uncomfortable!

I've just looked at the label - it's certainly one size too big, nearly two, judging by the way it felt. Ooooops! I'm going to have to check the other cossies and discard a few, I can see. Won't make that mistake again! :0)

As a commitment to this, I popped into Matalan's (nearly next door to the gym) and found a nice big, floral bag which will do as a swimming bag. It cheered me up when I saw it and it was reduced to £4 which can't be bad. So that's me set up, barring the cossie sort-out. Now it's a question of when will I go next? Tomorrow evening? We'll see.

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