Sunday 9 January 2011

Nice sauce

There's nothing unusual about this but I've just had it on my slice of nut loaf for dinner and it's very tasty. So here we go, before I forget how I made it:

one shallot, finely chopped
about three inches of leek, finely chopped
about 1/6 red pepper, seeded and chopped
some squirts of light olive oil
dash of water
small can chopped tomatoes. A squirt of garlic puree and chilli puree to taste
a larger squirt of tomato puree
a pinch of smoked paprika
a little salt and pepper
a pinch sugar
a dollop of Quark or other very low fat cheese

Heat the oil, add the onion, leek and red pepper and a dash of water and simmer-fry until softening. Add the chopped tomato, garlic, chilli and tomato puree with a little more water and stir well. Add the salt, pepper and paprika to taste. Add a very small pinch sugar.
Stir well, bring to a simmering boil, cover and allow to summer for a little while.
Then zizz to a puree.
Finally, bring up to a boil (be careful, it splats), take off the heat, stir in the quark and serve.

This made enough for two, maybe three. I'm not sure how it would freeze, with the quark added, but I will try it and see.

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