Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Tuesday: School's back

Teachers, anyway. Today is an INSET day. We used to call them B(aker) Days, I remember, in the early days, or, as one staffroom wit described them, 'bidets'.

Today is, I think, a revisiting of three teaching tools: visual literacy, mantle of the expert and philosophy for children. It should all be very helpful, but the most important thing will be to get into the classroom and make it ready. It's been hard to get into school during the Christmas holiday. Leading up to Christmas I was too busy and between Christmas and New Year I was feeling a bit yuck. OK, so that's an excuse, yuck never stopped anyone sorting out their classroom, lets be honest. The inclination wasn't there either!

However, playtime is now over, the serious journey of earning the daily crust is now about to roll again. Off we go!

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