Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sunday morning

Oh, my poor head! I did totally the wrong thing and went to bed without a few rehydrating glasses of water and a couple of paracetamols. Now I'm paying for it!! I'm on my third glass of water, my second coffee and the tablets are working their usual magic - and I only have me to blame!

It was a lovely evening despite me dropping and smashing a serving dish with one of the Chinese selections in it. You see, I had been very good and warmed up serving dishes in the oven and just as well too because the food came in those useful plastic containers and there's no way I could have put them on the table top warmers. Just a shame about the chicken whatever-it-was and my dish. As those dishes are so useful (I got a load on ebay and they are pretty fragile - and cheap!) and as I have a Nisbets catalogue, I may very well order a supply of similar and store them away for future use.

I do like to serve my food in dishes rather than bunging it straight on a plate. Maybe that sounds silly and certainly it makes more washing up, but it's all part of the meal 'experience'. Those little dishes are just the thing and I would be sorry not to have them.

I had a productive day yesterday. I made another load of five minute dough which is now sitting in the fridge. I think I will try freezing some of this in small portions and see how it behaves after thawing. It would be jolly useful, if it works.

I also made a chicken recipe I found on the wonderful 'Cottage Smallholder' site: chicken with apricots and garlic. So easy and quite delicious, although I think I would use less garlic next time. I made four portions and they will all go in the freezer with a mental note not to eat it before anything important!!

On WLR I found a recipe for 'cheese and lentil wedge' and I want to make that today: I did think about making it yesterday but didn't really have the time. It's an old Slimming World recipe, apparently; if it's OK I will try to pin it down or post my version of it in here (and if it's not, I won't!). One of my LSAs gave me a recipe for flapjacks and I'd like to make them today too. Dead easy and delicious. All for the freezer!

There's very little to clear up this morning. The dishes will all fit in the dishwasher, the tablecloths will go in the machine, downstairs is tidy anyway and, unusually, I have an early morning with nothing to do. The original plan was to go swimming but it would be highly illegal for me to drive just now, I must still be over the limit (or close to it), so I will go later, perhaps over lunch time when there's not so many there. It's pot roast for dinner today so that will just keep warm and be ready when I get back.

Well, better go and get another glass of water and make another coffee after which I will see if I can get some more shut-eye. I'm decidedly bleary eyed and seem to be going down with the first cold of the year. Sneezes, snuffles and a sore throat.

See you later!

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