Saturday, 8 January 2011

Saturday evening

Well, I seem to have done most of what I planned. The washing is doing and the ironing is this evening's task. The planning is done, the food is in the freezer now and I've stuck to the food plan. I haven't had time to read the mags yet, but that's OK . . .

I did take some time out to watch a programme on iPlayer that I gather was on earlier in the week. Ten things you need to know about losing weight. I suppose that in one way it wasn't new information, much of it is just common sense really, but as a programme it was really very interesting.
In case you're interested here are the ten things in order of appearance.
Don't skip meals
Change your plate size (smaller, obviously)
Count your calories
Don't blame your metabolism
Protein staves off hunger pangs
Soup keeps you fuller for longer (this was my fave one)
The wider the choice, the more you eat
Low fat dairy helps you excrete more fat (I didn't know that!)
Exercise goes on burning fat, even when you're asleep
Keep moving and lose weight
See - not rocket science, but it's worth watching (or re-watching, because it has been on before) if you're interested in that sort of thing.

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